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About us


Atrangi in India means unique and quirky just like our recipes. We guarantee that Atrangi is as unique as you are.

Atrangi’s homegrown techniques date back to 1923, perfected over the years with nuanced attention and understanding of the Indian palette. 

Born into an Anglo-Indian family, with heritage in England, France and India; Gregory Bonjour breaks the monotony of how we perceive the traditional Indian Chutneys through Atrangi.

His fascination for making unique blends commenced during his days in the Indian Air Force. With a full-time working wife and 2 hooligan sons, Gregory experimented with flavourful protein-rich marinades which his boys would enjoy and that’s how Atrangi was born! 

Soon, his family recipe became the talk of the town in Delhi’s old streets. True to its name, Atrangi was a household staple to be added, dipped and cooked with. 

After moving to the United Kingdom, Gregory started sharing his blends with the English community and once again a secret family recipe became a gourmet brand in the UK.

Atrangi contains no artificial enhancers, only a sincere passion for food and deep love for the Indian kitchen and succulent flavours!

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How do we ensure we deliver the best?

  • We maintain high quality standards by sourcing the best quality ingredients.

  • Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene qualification has been completed.

  • Our kitchen and all our equipment are duly sanitised and all health and hygiene protocols are properly followed. We have a Food Standards Agency (FSA) rating of 5/5.

  • Made in small batches with high quality ingredients, our chutneys are free of any preservatives or chemicals and are one of a kind.

fresh | tangy | spicy

All chutneys are great, but our chutneys are AMAZING!

Don't believe us? Hear from our Atrangi family!

“The Chilli Chicken Chutney is just like your favourite box of pringles. You would devour upon the taste and think that it will go for days if you can just have a few pringles a day. However, just as we all end up finishing that box of pringles, I challenge everyone to resist just having a spoon and putting the jar back. Onto ordering my next jar or three!”

Rob Cullen

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