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Meet the Atrangis

Yubha Company profile (6)_edited.png
Yubha Company profile (6)_edited.png
Yubha Company profile (6)_edited.png

“Tried the prawn pickle this long weekend with some 'daal makhani' and jasmine rice. The subcontinental experience was a sublime one to say the least! The pickles oozed of a flavoursome  freshness and a delectable tangy aura to go with the 'daal'. This pickle is definitely worth each nickel and tastes amazing on it's own too!”

Conor Dealaney

“Being away from home, many a times the nostalgia can push you towards a memory lane to be cherished. Be it mom's daal chawaal's or daadi's achaar, nothing seems to bring the taste back. An instagram post by Atrangi brought my attention towards a chicken pickle. Suffice to say that not only did it add flavour to my daal chawal but surpassed my idea of an ideal pickle. While life may  seem to be stuck in a pickle, this pickle is quite straightforwardly nothing short of heaven!

P.S. Sorry Daadi, I love your mango pickle but Greg Uncle's chicken pickle

is just a notch better ;)”

Drishti Gupta

“So last week, I ordered the prawn pickle to have it with my homemade desi meal. The pickle on its own was so delicious that ended up having it with plain pilau rice. A definite BUY and saves up on a whole lot of novice cooking.”

Shivangi Oberoi

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